The special seasonal sandwich has arrived…

The day is upon us. The special sandwich that you can only buy for a couple of months in shops has arrived. This is the Ginsters example, but there are many others. What is the logic behind this? Why wouldn’t I want to enjoy these flavours at other times of the year? I do want that. I love a turkey sandwich. But I will have to make my own for the other ten months of the year, as it appears that a turkey-based sandwich is only commercially viable during November and December.

Apart from the obvious association with Christmas dinner, turkey isn’t exactly a wintry food. Lean, white meat is not really something to get you through the colder months. A hearty beef stew or some kind of thick and chunky soup, perhaps. But turkey should really be something you have all through the year. It seems that the corporations that provide pre-packaged foods don’t subscribe to that theory.

Enjoy your mass-produced turkey sandwich while you can.

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