The Apple Tree, West Bridgford, October 2015

Another night out with friends, and another pub quiz. For the second time since April, the original line up of My Pointless Friend Richard return for another crack at some prize money. But first, some food and drink. There initially appeared to be lots of ales on, but on close inspection, quite a few of them had finished, and some other lines were being cleaned. They obviously hadn’t heard that I would be visiting. So it was a pint of Brains’ The Rev James, which is better in the pub than it is in the bottle (clear glass bottles do ales no favours).

Plenty of chat and gossip to catch up on, and then dinner arrives. A pub classic of chicken and chips, very juicy chicken, good chips, a few leaves, a nice BBQ sauce and a dash of coleslaw. This is chain pub dining done right. Everyone enjoyed their meals.

Due to the joys of chain pub dining offers, a pudding was also on the cards tonight, and as I have mentioned many times before, chocolate is the first choice.  A very nice chocolate brownie, with chocolate shavings and chocolate sauce. Choccy goodness!

Finally, we come to the pub quiz. A travesty. We should have won the first round (each round carries a prize). We presented a set of correct answers (this quiz is in a Blockbusters style format, last seen at The Harts Head in Giggleswick. Sadly, one of the answers was marked as wrong because the wrong answer was on the printout (chain pubs often use chain quizzes). Despite a couple of challenges, the management’s decision was final, so we was robbed, and didn’t get quite close enough in the other rounds.

An enjoyable evening of quizzing, and a good meal. MOFAD approved and we’ll be back for another quiz soon!

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