The Greenwood Tree, Lyndhurst

A different kind of day for our last full day of holiday. After yesterday’s walk (which was longer than anticipated), Mrs MOFAD was not up to doing a final cycle ride. So we had a change of plans. I did a solo cycle ride in the morning, retracing much of Thursday’s ride. It was an enjoyable final blast around the Forest, and I completed it much faster than I was expecting, so was back in time for a cup of tea before we popped out for lunch.

Mrs MOFAD chose The Greenwood Tree, as it was somewhere we had been on a previous stay in Lyndhurst. We arrived just after 2pm, and the lunchtime rush seemed to be easing, but there was quite a wait before someone came to serve us. If you’re having a busy time, abandon your “we must take orders at the table” policy and switch to “please order your food at the till”.

The wait didn’t stop there, as a little while after we’d ordered we were then informed that there would be a 30-40 minute wait for food.

As you can see from the picture below:-

I hadn’t ordered a complex meal. The “New Forest Ploughman’s lunch” (the pork pie earns it this epithet) is a pretty simple thing to put together, and only the part-baked baguette needs a few minutes of cooking before it is ready to eat.

The cheese was tasty, the pie was good, although yesterday’s ploughman’s lunch at the Royal Oak was better. That weird waxy paper also confused me. It appears to be there to save on washing up, and rather detracts from the meal when some pickle or vinegar or salad dressing makes it a bit soggy.

It was ok, but if you have the choice, pop over the road to the Fox & Hounds instead. Their food is much better, as is their ale selection šŸ™‚


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