Passage to India, Lyndhurst

As I’ve mentioned before, when having a curry we generally go for a takeaway in order to enjoy our own choice of alcohol accompaniment (curry houses still haven’t cottoned on to the power of IPA or decent cider to be a great drink to go with their tasty food). Tonight was no different, with Passage to India our takeaway destination, just a few minutes walk from where we have been staying in Lyndhurst this week.

First choice of ale tonight was this Morrison’s IPA, brewed by Marston’s. Surely the perfect curry partner? But no, what a tragedy. No hops. Not pale. Perfectly drinkable, but it is in no way shape or form an IPA. So not much good with my curry.

To the curry. Achari chicken, which is a bit of a favourite of mine. Achari (also spelt achaar or achar) means pickle – essentially this is chicken cooked with pickling spices and/or some of the pickle itself, such as lime pickle or mango pickle. This gives something very aromatic, and very tasty. I am a lover of lime pickle, so a curry which has lumps of lime in it is alright by me. Very nice indeed!

To accompany, a coriander naan, which was cooked to perfection. There were also free poppadoms, which is always a nice bonus.

Other liquid accompaniments were this Pistonhead Full Amber, a hoppy and full flavoured amber lager, better than so many IPAs, and certainly my favourite Swedish export – way better than that famous Scandinavian lager.

Mrs MOFAD selected this Aspall Premier Cru cider, another very good cider from Aspall, bringing back memories of our trip to Suffolk.

To finish off the evening, something a little more Autumnal, Shepherd Neame Spooks Ale, full of roasty, nutty, malty and biscuit flavours.

A definite approval for Passage to India, a very nice curry indeed – you can also eat in if you wish.


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