The Snakecatcher, Brockenhurst

Another day, another cycle ride. Regular MOFAD and also cycling companions Hazel & Matt joined us today, for a cycle from Lyndhurst to Brockenhurst and back, via Denny Wood and a few other bits of the New Forest.

Our route included a pub stop in Brockenhurst, and there were a few options, so we chose The Snakecatcher. Named after the legend of Harry “Brusher” Mills, born in 1840 near Romsey, he was famous for catching around 30,000 snakes. He apparently died shortly after leaving this pub (then known as the Railway Inn) in 1905.

First up today, a pint of Snakecatcher (naturally enough) from Ringwood brewery, local, but part of the Marston’s empire. It needs more hops. A shedload more hops.

A good baguette for lunch, chicken, bacon and mayonnaise and a bowl of good thick chips. Generous portion of salad too, and some tortillas (the chips were extra but well worth it).

Hazel & Matt had less luck with their lunch, a ploughman’s but with bread issues – it hadn’t been cooked properly.

Next up for me a pint of Three Hop lager, in a beautiful glass, but utterly false advertising. No hops in this at all.


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