National Trust Cafe, Brownsea Island

Brownsea Island is beautiful. One of the last refuges of our native red squirrel, which was one of the reasons we were here today. On a previous visit, we had not seen any, but this is apparently the best time of year to spot them, as they are out and about on the ground, harvesting nuts and the like. This turned out to be true, as we spotted 10 different squirrels, as well as plenty of peacocks, which are also to be found roaming the island, as well as some deer. It was a glorious day for October, and it felt like we were on some Mediterranean island rather than just outside Poole harbour…

After a lovely day of exploring the island, there was time for tea and cake before catching the penultimate ferry back to Poole. As with most visits to National Trust property (they own the island), a trip to the cafe is in order. We also came here on our last visit, so we knew it would be good. An excellent pot of tea and some very nice cake were exactly what we needed – there are plenty of cakes to choose from as well as an extensive menu for lunchtimes too. Definitely worth a visit during a day out on the island.

As a footnote, it then took 2 hours to drive back to Lyndhurst from Poole – ouch!


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