The Filly Inn, Setley Plain, Brockenhurst

The Filly is somewhere we’ve been a few times before, most recently for lunch on a cycle ride in 2013 and dinner with friends last year. Today we were doing a very similar cycle ride to that one in 2013, so this was the obvious choice for our lunch stop. A handy bike rack to lock your bikes to outside, and a new covered seating area outside. A bit too cool for that today, so we went inside.

Lots to choose from on the lunch menu (12-3 on weekdays) including a selection of sandwiches and salads, as well as everything on the main menu such as burgers, steaks, pies and the catch of the day. First though, some refreshment – a pint of Cydonia from Vibrant Forest brewery, a newish brewery just down the road outside Lymington. The perfect hoppy lunchtime refreshment on today’s cycle ride…

So, back to that menu. For me it was an obvious choice, the pulled pork burger with salad and skinny fries. The Filly have opted to do their pulled pork differently, concentrating on the Cajun spices, rather than some overly sweet and sickly BBQ sauce that you might find in other interpretations of pulled pork. A nice level of spiciness, balanced by some richness from the melted cheddar and a touch of sweetness in the sauce. This is a very good pulled pork. Mrs MOFAD had a posh fish finger sandwich which was also very good.

Mrs MOFAD also ordered some fries to go with her sandwich. Unfortunately, this is where we have to involve We Want Plates, because they arrived in a plant pot. Plants come in plant pots, lunch does not. By all means chit your potatoes and then pot them on, but don’t chip them and put them in a pot.

Despite this minor crime, The Filly Inn is MOFAD approved. Just put those chips in a bowl next time and put the pots back in the greenhouse 🙂 A great place for lunch on a cycle ride, or a relaxed evening meal later on.

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