The White Rabbit, Lyndhurst

The chain pub. You generally know what you’re getting. If it’s only been re-opened for 32 hours after refurbishment work, you’d be forgiven for being a bit less certain. Current TripAdvisor reviews are rather a mixed bag, so what’s it like after a bit of a refit?

Fairly standard chain pub stuff, but with everything not being quite ready. Pumps lacking beer, bottled beers advertised that are not yet available. Sunday roasts that don’t yet have their own menu, so you have to guess. 

A chain Sunday roast is a bit of a gamble. It will usually be quick, but quality is not always utmost. This one was quick and very average. Topside of beef was available (poultry roasts had already run out somehow), but no mustard or horseradish was offered. Luckily, when it was requested, some excellent English mustard arrived, the highlight of the meal as it brought out the limited flavours of the beef. Average roast spuds, a solitary piece of parsnip, a few bits of carrot, four or five broccoli florets and some non-descript “greens”. And a Yorkshire pudding of sorts. Mine are far superior, and I’m from a long way outside of Yorkshire. 

This was accompanied by a pint of Ringwood Best, overly cooled as much C&B ale appears to be. 

On this showing, the White Rabbit is not approved, perhaps when they’ve been open for a bit longer…