The Horse, Shepshed, September 2015

A pub that we have passed numerous times in its previous guise as The White Horse. Situated on the A512 which links the M1 to the A42 (and then M42, road fans), it is on our usual route to Birmingham or the south west. It’s also on a walking route that we use a few times.

In its previous guise, it never looked all that inviting or welcoming, so we never went in. In 2014 the pub was taken over by a new team who changed things around, making changes to the bar and restaurant areas with greater emphasis on the restaurant side of things.

In April 2015 The Horse re-opened with an extension, almost doubling the original size of the pub, using local contemporary stone and light oak beams to give a fresh feel. There is also a feature fireplace with wood burning stove for the cooler months.

Tonight was our first visit to the newly refurbished pub, after a little walk in the area. We grabbed a table and then ordered. A pint of Ausome IPA from Nene Valley brewery for me, hoppy and sweet, it was a very nice IPA, a limited edition brew apparently.


Dinner soon arrived, in the form of this very tasty steak, a rare ribeye served with triple cooked chips, roast vine tomatoes, mushroom, watercress and pink peppercorn sauce.


It was a great example of steak and chips, a simple dish that works so well when you get it right, but which is a dog’s dinner if you get it wrong. Here it was oh so right. The peppery watercress works with the peppery sauce, and the acidity of the tomatoes cuts through the richness of the sauce. A lovely dinner.

The newly renovated Horse is a great pub, relaxed and comfortable for the casual diner, but with something to offer if you want a more formal dining experience. Recommended!

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