Pub of the month, September 2015

Lots of pubs to choose from again this month, as we were away for three weekends out of four, and I was also in Manchester for a few days.

We start with the Beehive Inn, in Combs, Derbyshire. We visited not once but twice, sampling a couple of ales (but more than a couple of times) and some very nice food (a tasty fish platter and a very nice chicken and bacon dish as seen below).


However, the slightly odd dogs policy (cramming everyone with dogs into the tiniest part of the pub) really needs revisiting. There’s another pub just up the road which doesn’t allow dogs inside at all. So anyone with a dog, local or visitor, is going to come here. It was very crowded in the snug whereas other areas of the pub were much quieter. Just something for dog friendly pubs to think about.

Next up we have Krobar, your standard Danish bar (there’s no such thing!) in a famous industrial city. Krobar had been a pre-arranged destination and was a bit of an unknown, but several pumps featuring ales from local breweries greet you on arrival, accompanied by an interesting selection from Europe. Several good ales were sampled here, as well as a pork schnitzel burger, definitely the first one I’ve had this year!


Next up we have the Woolly Sheep in Skipton. This was the first stop on our “walking tour of Skipton”, and a pint of Timothy Taylor’s Golden Best was a great start to the day. The menu looked intriguing (for example pulled lamb shank press or chilled braised ham hock aka posh ham, egg and chips). Sadly, they were fully booked when we attempted to return for dinner later on, so we’ll have to wait for another visit in order to sample the food.


And finally, we have the winner. The Beer Engine. The best place in Skipton to enjoy great beer. This is the epitome of a micro pub, seats for about 20 people, and more beers than people. I will definitely be back here on our next visit, a lovely little place, with one of the best beer selections I have come across all year.


A worthy winner!

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