Keelham Farm shop, Thornton

Despite having spent the weekend sampling local ales, we had not managed to find ourselves at a brewery with a shop in order to return home with lots of beer (the theme of the summer).

The emergency plan was to go “up the Asda” (to quote Kerrie), but this was in place only to spur us on to find somewhere else to get some beer. Whilst in Skipton, we heard about the Keelham farm shops, with branches in Skipton and Thornton. Thornton was on our route home, so we popped in for a wander round, after we eventually managed to find a parking space – the large car park was rammed full, a good sign that this is a popular place.

Inside it’s as big as some supermarkets, but packed with lots of great local produce, fresh from the local fields, or from further afield (Yorkshire doesn’t have a banana plantation). A deli counter with lots of fresh pies, quiches and more. A butcher’s counter and a great selection of cheeses as well as tinned and dry goods.

Finally, we make it to the beer and cider section, and there is a great selection here. Once again, lots of great local stuff, from Copper Dragon, Samuel Smith’s, Saltaire Brewery, Leeds Brewery, Wharfe Bank brewery, Oates, Ilkley Brewery and quite a few more. Needless to say, we came away with a selection of bottles from all of these, and a couple of others too. The perfect end to our Yorkshire weekend…

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