The Castle, Skipton

The second stop on the Skipton walking tour. We’ve had a nice morning just trundling around the lovely little market town of Skipton, and needed to find somewhere for more refreshment and a spot of lunch. The Castle had been mentioned a few times, as the bus driver taking the ladies to Yarndale had pointed it out as the current “best pub in Yorkshire”. That, and the massive banners both outside and inside, proclaiming this fact. They’re certainly not milking it or anything šŸ™‚

Refreshment first, a pint of Drop Kick from Acorn brewery, very topical and a classic bitter. We were also joined later on by Yarndale escapee Ali, who was taking a break from the wooly madness to enjoy a pint in the sunshine on this lovely day.

My drinking companions opted for some Theakston’s, the classic Old Peculier.

A nice little sandwich menu is available at lunchtimes, lots to choose from:-

Roast Beef & Onion Gravy
Southern Fried Chicken & Garlic Mayo
Chicken & Bacon Club
Tuna Mayo & Cheddar Melt
Pulled Pork Shoulder & Apple Sauce
Bacon, Brie & Cranberry

Regular MOFAD readers will have instantly narrowed down my choices to those containing pork, since triple pork nirvana is on today. I suspect my predictability will give me away, because it had to be the pulled pork:-

As pub pulled pork goes, it was very tasty, juicy and with a good sauce, not too sweet, and a nice apple sauce to accompany. The salad and coleslaw accompaniment were also very nice. And yes, that is a pint glass full of chips (they are sold by half or pint here). This did spark some debate about whether the pint glass should be filled with gravy, but I’m very much in the salt & vinegar camp, as I was born near the Thames, not the Aire.

A very nice lunch and a very nice pint, The Castle is certainly MOFAD approved.

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