Black Horse, Skipton

By this point during the day, we were in our fifth pub. So far we have taken in the Woolly Sheep (Timothy Taylor’s Golden Best), The Castle (Drop Kick from Acorn Brewery, as well as a pint of chips), The Narrowboat (My Generation from a spin-off of Black Sheep) and the fantastic Beer Engine (a Foxy Blonde).

The rest of the party had joined us by now, and we had wandered around quite a few pubs trying to find somewhere to eat. On a busy Saturday night, with England about to take on Wales in the Rugby World Cup semi finals, it took us about 20 minutes to find somewhere with a table free. The Black Horse is enormous, so we stood a good chance of finding a table, even with the rugby on.

The day finished with a disappointing pint of Copper Dragon bitter, not bad per se, just the worst of the day, and it had a lot of good beers to beat. A chicken and bacon burger was a tasty way to soak up some of the previously quaffed ale. Very standard chain pub stuff.

Of all the pubs visited, I would order them as follows:-

  1. The Beer Engine
  2. The Woolly Sheep
  3. The Castle
  4. The Narrowboat
  5. The Black Horse

After dinner, we returned to Fawlty Towers for some card games and reflection.

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