Merkins Farm Cafe, Bradford Leigh, September 2015

We find ourselves back at Merkins again. This comes as no surprise, since it had been planned for quite a while. This weekend is the now traditional “Hazel’s birthday camping weekend” which has been held here for 3 years. It was a bit of a foggy start this morning…

There was an added celebration this weekend – Hazel and Matt had just got married. So we booked a table in the cafe for this very literal wedding breakfast. Even the cafe newsletter was celebrating with us…

However, back to the birthday bit. Hazel is a massive fan of BBC South Today weather presenter Alexis Green. She follows her on Facebook, and is always talking about Alexis and what she’s wearing. Through our BBC contacts (thanks Al!) we managed to procure her a signed photograph, the perfect birthday gift for such a devoted fan. This photo captures the special moment of receiving a framed photo of your idol.

Anyway, on to the breakfast bit – delicious as ever, they have certainly perfected the art of the full English – a great start to any Triple Pork Nirvana attempt. You can read more about Merkins from our previous visit. We’ll be back for breakfast again next time we’re in the area!


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