Box Steam Brewery, Holt, Trowbridge

There appears to be a lot of debate about exactly when a brewery was established by one or more members of the Pinchin family in Box, probably some time in the 1850s or 1860s. You can read more about that here, if you are interested in some of the history. We do know that in 1924 it was sold to Usher’s Wiltshire brewery. In 2004, a local landlord bought a 10 barrel kit with which to resurrect the Box brewery name. In 2006 the owners of the Cross Guns pub at Avoncliff purchased the brewery, and it has gone from strength to strength, with a larger brewery opening in Holt during 2011.

We happened to be camping just down the road, so popped over on this warm Friday afternoon (sadly they aren’t open on weekends) to pick up a selection of beers for the weekend, and a few for later. We had a good chat with the friendly lady in the shop and left with a few cases of beer, many of which are pictured in this slightly blurry photo of my haul from the weekend.

Not all of them made it back home, for example this 1914 Ale, which was a classic, malty bitter. Many of the other beers will be sampled in due course, this brewery on a quiet little industrial estate is well worth a visit if you want to pick up some great beers to take away.

PS It would appear that they have had themselves a rebranding exercise since these photos were taken, so their beers now look a bit different…

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