The Spice Hut, Loughborough

Another train journey spoiling plans? Yes. Just like the last time (only a couple of weeks ago), tonight’s plans took a slight turn due to more transport issues. This required a curry to be picked up on the way home from the station. A new curry house that was perfectly situated on the route was required, and the Spice Hut fitted the bill (we had ruled out a former regular haunt due to their very poor scores on the doors in their last inspection).

The Spice Hut certainly delivered the goods (not literally, since we collected our curry). Despite the unimpressive premises (a classic front room curry house this one), they make a great curry. Excellent naan bread too.

And if that wasn’t enough, there were also free pakora type items which were very tasty indeed. Managed to save one just long enough to capture it for posterity.

Tonight’s accompaniment was a St Austell Korev Cornish lager – crisp and refreshing but needs a bucket load more hops…


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