Chocolate truffle cake

Not away at the weekend? What sorcery is this? No matter, it gives an opportunity for a bit of culinary activity. Regular MOFAD companions Gemma & Ian and Karon & John were visiting for dinner. The first thing to take care of is pudding, and regular readers will be aware that chocolate is usually my choice when out and about. This doesn’t change at home either, so it was time to break out a favourite.

Chocolate truffle cake

You will need:-

30g ground almonds
300g dark chocolate, the darker the better (I’m talking 70-80% cocoa here!) smashed into pieces (very therapeutic)
280g caster sugar
170g unsalted butter
5 large eggs

Preheat your oven to 180C/gas mark 4. Whilst it’s warming up, find yourself a cake tin with a removable bottom, anything around 20-25cm will do. This cake doesn’t rise much, so it doesn’t need anything too high – the removable bottom is the key part, as it makes it much easier to get cake to plate when it’s finished.

Once you have located your tin, locate a heatproof bowl and put it over simmering water. You’ll need another bowl in a minute, use a larger one for the chocolate, and a smaller one for the later stage. Add the chocolate pieces, sugar and butter, leaving a tiny amount of butter for the next step…

Butter your cake tin, and be as generous as you like. Now chuck in half of your almonds, and swirl them round until they stick to the butter, discarding any that don’t stick.

Check on that melting chocolate mixture, and give it a stir. Next, crack your eggs into the other bowl and add the other half of the almonds. Whisk together for a few minutes. Check the chocolate mixture again, and when it has all melted together, remove from on top of the simmering water, and allow to cool down a bit. If it’s too hot, you will scramble your egg, if it’s too cold, it will start to solidify. Around 5-10 minutes of cooling should do it. You should then have three vessels thus:-

Now tip your egg mixture into your chocolate (you’ll note that I’ve used the larger bowl for eggs by mistake), and then fold together. You’ll need to stir for 3-5 minutes, and you will notice that your cake batter does eventually start to thicken. At the start of this process, you wonder if these two things will ever mix together, but they do. The final mixture may have a grainy texture, this is just sugar that hasn’t completely dissolved. Don’t worry about this it will turn out fine. It will look something like this:-

You will spot that no food stylists were employed in the making of this post – quick photos taken on phone whilst getting on with it!

Pour your mixture into your cake tin and bake for 35-40 minutes. Judge this one by eye, but don’t overbake. A few cracks should appear on the top and then it’s probably done. It doesn’t matter if it might be a little under done. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for a bit, then remove the sides of your cake tin and allow the cake to cool further. After a few hours it should be cool enough to remove from the base and transfer to a plate or platter.

Now cut it up, and garnish with whatever you fancy, and serve with cream or ice cream. Tonight, it was served with raspberries and blueberries, and little golden “confetti” for that extra bling… If you have any left over, keep it in the fridge, it becomes extra truffley when cooled…


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