Dominos Pizza, Loughborough


It is a comforting food. It comes to the rescue when your plans are messed up by public transport. Which is how it came into our lives tonight. My planned travel schedule was perfect. However, it was scuppered before it even began. I arrived at Manchester Oxford Road to find the train I was supposed to get on had been cancelled. Not a great start. A quick trip to Manchester Piccadilly to widen the route options, and after about half an hour, a train to Sheffield was the next choice. Everyone else seemed to take that option though, and it was absolutely rammed. Standing room all the way. Usually it’s a very scenic journey through the Peak District, but when you are standing up, all you can see is not a lot.

Things then took an unhappy turn for another passenger, who passed out through having to stand for so long. That clichéd call came through the train tannoy system, “can any medical staff please come to carriage B?” A quick diagnosis later, and an ambulance was called for the next station stop.

A quick change of trains at Sheffield (with sadly no time to visit the fantastic Sheffield Tap pub on platform 1) and the on to the final leg of the journey.

This is where the modern world comes to the rescue. Using wifi on the train, you can choose your pizza online so that it is cooking as you approach your final station, and after a few minutes driving away from the station, it is ready to pick up, handily located on your route home.

Also convenient is their “half and half” pizza, where you can have one group of toppings on one side, and another group of toppings on the other side. Pictured is “Ranch BBQ” (BBQ sauce, chicken breast strips, pepperoni, ground beef, bacon) sitting across from “Chicken Feast” (chicken, mushrooms, sweetcorn).

So hurrah for Dominos pizza, perfectly located on my station commute. Quick, easy, convenient.