Krobar, Oxford Road, Manchester

A Danish bar in this famous old industrial city? Not at all surprising. As with most British cities nowadays, an international flavour is de rigeuer. Apparently there is a very good Korean restaurant just a bit further along Oxford Road, so these kinds of places are just par for the course.

In Manchester on business for the next few days, so this is the first of several Mancunian musings. After a pleasant rail journey through the Peak District (the Sheffield to Manchester passes through some of the nicest railway scenery in the country), a quick trip to the hotel to ditch baggage, and then off out for dinner.

Krobar had been a pre-arranged destination and was a bit of an unknown. I was vaguely aware of it from a previous visit to the area, but had never been in. As soon as you get to the bar, there is a welcome sight, several pumps for ales from local breweries, as well as an interesting selection from Europe.

There are lots of areas upstairs, and several communal bar areas downstairs. There’s a kind of beer patio out the front, and a nice courtyard out the back. It was quite a balmy evening (particularly for Manchester in September) so we sat out in the courtyard.

First up a pint of Ticketybrew Pale Ale which was hoppy, but not pale. Perfectly pleasant though.

Some familiar faces were arriving now, so it was time to catch up on gossip. Some plans had been hatched to go elsewhere for a curry, but by this point we had seen the menu, and wanted to stay to sample it. So it was back to the bar to order. When did you last see a pork schnitzel burger on the menu? I’d wager it was either “never” or “quite a while ago”. Unless you spend a lot of time in Danish bars/restaurants.

What an excellent choice it turned out to be. Crispy on the outside, juicy in the middle and very flavoursome. Accompanied by a bit of salad inside and a fried egg. and some chips, it made the decision to stay a good one. Accompanied by a pint of Tommy Legs from Derwent Brewery which went down well Рpleasant but in no way an IPA.

We stayed for some more chat and a pint of Ticketybrew Black IPA. Doesn’t come across as a black IPA, but a challenging and interesting palate.

If you find yourself in the Oxford Road area near the Manchester museum then I can certainly recommend Krobar – good food and good ales.

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