The Beehive, Combs, Derbyshire (again)

And we’re back. Although we only just made it on time. Our 12 mile walk today involved a few more ups and downs than we may have been prepared for, so it was an epic adventure. We got back to our camp site at 6:45, with our table booked for 7:30. Just enough time for a quick shower and then a slow trudge down the road to the pub.

We were back at the same table again, ordering more drinks and perusing the menu and specials board again.

As triple pork nirvana was on today (being international bacon day!) then the chicken and bacon with chive cream sauce was the perfect choice. Lots of protein to replace spent calories and very tasty too! Farmers Blonde was the continued ale of choice.

After our long walk, we had earned dessert, and lots to choose from. Beehive sundae for me, which had honeycomb ice cream and chocolate sauce. Very tasty indeed.

We were struggling to stay awake at this point, despite the attention of many friendly local dogs. As well as Suzy the ninja hound, there was a lovely Border Collie who was also in last night, another, younger Collie and a very friendly chocolate Labrador. There was also a nice spaniel with some other diners.

This leads to my final point. They seem to have misjudged the popularity of dogs. There’s another pub just up the road which doesn’t allow dogs inside at all. So anyone with a dog, local or visitor, is going to come here. It was very crowded in the snug whereas other areas of the pub were much quieter. Just something for dog friendly pubs to think about.

The Beehive is certainly MOFAD approved, and the requisite card was left.

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