In praise of Booths once more

Yes, I have already written about Booths being our greatest supermarket, but after another visit this weekend, I just had to re-iterate that they are great. This time, we found ourselves on the other side of the Pennines, in Settle. There are lots of great things about this little town, not least of which is the fact that they have a branch of Booths, one of only three in Yorkshire.

As with the Cumbrian ones that we have visited, they too have a fantastic range of ales available, so once more we returned home with several boxes full of beer, some from just around the corner (Settle brewery), some from Northumberland, a few from Cumbria, and quite a few from further afield, including many cans from the USA. A very successful shopping trip which should see us through until our next visit to Booths.

Find it on the MOFAD map!

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