Ye Olde Naked Man Cafe, Settle

This will get some interesting page hits. If there’s one thing guaranteed to drive traffic to your web site/blog it’s anything related to words like naked/nudity etc. Oops, there’s another keyword. I’ll stop now. Back to the naked man in Settle.

Ye Olde Naked Man Cafe is a cafe and deli in a prime position opposite the market place in Settle. It has a lot of competition from all of the great local pubs such as the Talbot Arms, The Lion and the Royal Oak but it can stand up to them.

On our final full day in the area, we had abandoned a plan to walk around Malham Tarn due to potential inclement weather. However, we were apparently one of the few places in the entire country not to be on the receiving end of a rather large deluge.

So instead we had a wander around Settle, and eventually found ourselves here for lunch on a very busy Bank Holiday Monday. It was totally packed out, so we wandered around for a bit longer and then came back shortly afterwards and waited for a table.

We were greeted by a fairly extensive cafe menu and plenty of daily specials such as sweet potato & red pepper soup, leek & potato soup, jacket potato with beef chilli, chicken & ham pie or tomato & spring onion quiche.

My choice was a common one for me – the club sandwich. Although this one was quite a bit different. Half of a large sub roll, cut into three pieces, with chicken and salad and mayo in one part, and bacon and sliced boiled egg in the other part. Sliced boiled egg is a new one on me when it comes to club sandwiches (although it is quite common), but it definitely works.

It was a very tasty sandwich, and this particular Naked Man is definitely worth a visit. I can’t point you to their web site as they haven’t paid the renewal on their domain 😦


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