Talbot Arms, Settle

Our fourth night of our Yorkshire break, and our fourth different pub. We seem to have saved the best for last (#spoilers). All of the other pubs have been good, but tonight there was just something a bit extra at the Talbot Arms.

It was very busy when we arrived, but we managed to grab a nice little corner table, whilst the landlord was making us welcome by explaining all about the beers and ciders that were on, and offering tastings of all of them – very friendly and knowledgeable. Six different ales is a good sign. Four that you haven’t had before is even better.

First up a pint of California Common, an excellent session ale, even at 4.8% – the perfect start to the evening. Ideal for perusing the excellent menu.

Lots of different choices, and a specials board too. Once again the “take photo of the specials board trick” is deployed, which creates content for this post, as well as being handy for the other person at the table who wants to know what’s on without being parted from their pint 🙂

The eagle-eyed will have spotted the pork, sausage and apple pie. For anyone looking to achieve Triple Pork Nirvana, this is an obvious choice. As with any specials board, you should always seize the opportunity to try what’s on it, because it might be gone tomorrow.

If you wish to make your dinner arrive, a trip to the bar to order another drink will usually do the trick, and this was the case tonight. However, what is unusual is that the landlord sends you back to your table and brings your beer to you when it has been poured, so that your dinner doesn’t get cold while you wait.

A pint of Leeds Midnight Bell was the perfect pie accompaniment, a 4.8% mild with coffee and roasted malts coming through.

And here is that sausage, pork and apple pie in all its glory… It was fabulous.

Time for another drink or two, next on the list was Hair of the Dog from Pennine Brewing, a very flavoursome session ale.

And to round off this trip in style a Jorvik Flaxen Blonde from Rudgate Brewery, a very nice blonde ale to end the evening.

The Talbot Arms is most certainly MOFAD approved, and definitely in the running for pub of the year… I suspect it will be pub of the month for August… MOFAD card was left…

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