Beer of the month, August 2015 – Black Isle Scotch Ale

As with the pub of the month, a difficult choice this month, as I’ve had the chance to sample quite a few new ales in many new pubs. However, all of the top five beers were sampled at home this month. So let’s start the countdown…

In at number 5, and the winner of the weirdest beer (in a good way) is Harveys Battle of Lewes Priory Ale, with flavours of sweet herbs, rosemary and thyme, and caramel. Probably the sort of thing you could expect from a priory.


To number 4, where we find a beer from Manchester, a classic Belgian Dubbel from Ticketybrew, a combination of spicy, fruity, sweet and sour – it stood up to be counted against a Thai green curry.


In at number 3, Mr Predictable goes for an IPA, specifically the one from Hawkshead brewery – what it lacks in paleness, it makes up for in hops, with a classic hoppiness that smacks you in the mouth (again, in a good way). I do love an IPA. You’ve probably spotted that by now…


In many months, the beer at number 2 could have taken top spot. A brewery mash up between Adnams of Suffolk and Bodebrown. Of Brazil. It’s so obvious when you think about it, Brazillians and East Anglians are such natural bedfellows, with so much in common. What next? Twinning Rio de Janeiro with Bury St Edmunds? Whatever it is, as long as we keep getting hoppy golden ales like this one (Curitiba), I won’t be complaining.


And so, to our winner, perhaps a slightly odd choice for high summer, but the Scotch Ale from Black Isle brewery is dark and delicious. Very heavy roasted flavours and very very nice. A worthy winner, and in with a good chance of beer of the year. Oh, and it’s all organic too.


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