The Lion, Settle (again)

As promised yesterday, we are back tonight. After a brilliant day out at the Malham Show (a traditional country show that is the sort of thing you see on Countryfile at this time of year). It is great to see the show still thriving in this day and age.

After a great day out (and an interesting journey driving the Bongo over to Malham), it was time for more refreshment, so we wandered down to the Lion for dinner, after having established that there was plenty to eat and drink here.

First up tonight, a pint of Nine Standards Number 4 Amber Ale, an easy drinking amber ale with a touch of fruitiness and a touch of hoppiness.

Mrs MOFAD was also pleased to find a Vedett Extra White wheat beer.

Next up for me, a Revisionist West Coast IPA, another from the Marston’s empire, more caramel than IPA really, but perfectly pleasant, and a good accompaniment for dinner.

That dinner for me was a roast quail, from the specials board. Accompanied by potatoes and mushrooms, this was a very nice dinner, crossing towards autumn flavours even though we are technically still in summer time… Mrs MOFAD had roast rump of lamb with dauphinoise potatoes and honey roast veg, and this was also very nice.

We hung around for a bit longer, for a pint of Thwaites Lancaster Bomber, full of easy drinking maltiness. The Lion is most certainly MOFAD approved, and a MOFAD card was left. There’s free wi-fi for customers too, so if you have some blog posts to catch up with or similar, you can get on with that over a leisurely pint or two.

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