Charnwood Fish Bar, Shepshed

Quiz night tonight, another outing for “My Pointless Friend Richard”, our first since “triple pub quiz nirvanawas achieved back in April 2015.

Our plan was simple. Park at the pub, go for a little walk before dinner, have dinner, compete in pub quiz, win pub quiz.

Things don’t always go as planned. Our plans went off the rails within a couple of minutes of parking. On quiz nights, the pub don’t serve food. So, a quick recalculation later, and we had a new plan. Go for a little walk, get fish and chips, compete in pub quiz, win pub quiz.

The Charnwood Fish Bar is somewhere we’ve been a few times, as it’s conveniently located nearby to a local scout and guide campsite where we often find ourselves after some night of campfire cooking or similar.

Although we find ourselves not far from the point furthest from the sea (and consequently the fish), we have a few good choices for fish and chips, and the CFB is one of those.

Nice piece of fish, and good chips. You can eat in at the restaurant, as we were doing, but as you can see this does not get you anything fancy, just a polystyrene carton. And plastic forks. And the worst part about these plastic forks is that they are thin and weedy, and they start to melt when they come into contact with steaming hot fish and chips. And when the tines of your fork start melting, it gets increasingly harder to use it as a fork to spear food and transfer it into your mouth.

Approval is withheld due to poor quality plastic forks.

As for the rest of the plan, all will be revealed in the next post…


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