100 not out

Another milestone today, a quick celebration of 100 posts. It only seems like 5 minutes ago that I was ruminating on 50 posts, and plenty has happened since then. The return of the cabal, three visits to breweries, the Thornbridge beer festival, another trip to the Blacksmith’s Arms, and plenty more besides.

As usual, there are at least 20 more posts lined up, still got a bit of a backlog to plough through. The MOFAD map is also continuing to grow.

The most popular post so far is now the review of our whisky meeting, and Triple Pork Nirvana continues to be the most popular page, spreading the word of pork. (the first result on Google if you search for the term!) As well as the UK, the US, Australia, Singapore, France and the Isle of Man, we now have visitors from Libya, Indonesia, Canada, Sweden and Italy.

The Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheMOFAD is sitll proving popular and you can find the Minister on Twitter @The_MOFAD, where 100 people are already enjoying the content of over 1,000 tweets.

Lots more to come from the Minister of Food & Drink! So many places to eat and drink, so little time.

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