The Bell Inn, Middleton, Suffolk

The last day of the East Anglian Epic Adventure. After a lovely morning out in Southwold, and then a spot of trundling round Aldeburgh, it was time for just one more meal out. With another village and another pub also close by, just a short drive away was the Bell Inn, in Middleton. A classic village pub, thatched roof, low beams, a flint church tower visible out of the window, and with a classic character for a landlord. More on him later.

First up tonight, a pint of Adnams Ghost Ship, a gently hoppy pale ale and a great start to any evening in the pub. More Aspalls “cyder” for Mrs MOFAD, and Hazel’s cup of tea is not visible, but you’ve probably guessed by now that there was one 🙂

Very tempted by fish again tonight, lots of different dishes scattered on the menus around the walls of the pub. A double of lamb, with lamb rump and a mini shepherd’s pie, which was very tasty indeed. Sadly, they were unable to accede to a simple request to share a mixed grill between two people (a rather unusual snub).

This was accompanied by a pint of Broadside, which went down very well indeed. Matt also opted for the Broadside. The Bell is a great little village pub, and is certainly approved. If you are a female guest you might even get a kiss and cuddle from the landlord, both Hazel and Mrs MOFAD were bestowed this honour. He was a funny guy, and the kind of pub character we don’t tend to see nowadays. A pub from a time when the pub was the centre of the village, and happily it still is.

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