Adnams Cellar & Kitchen, Southwold, Suffolk

Southwold is a lovely place. Lots of nice little shops, some tacky souvenirs (essential when beside the seaside), very lovely beach huts, a pier with amusement arcades and some beach to stroll along (when the tide’s out).

And there’s a brewery. A brewery that owns a lot of pubs in Suffolk. A brewery that owns a lot of pubs in Southwold. A brewery that makes nice beer. A brewery that also now make whisky, gin and vodka. A brewery that has a massive shop in the centre of Southwold. Adnams.

They also have a nice cafe at the back, which is rather handy if you’ve been wandering around all morning, and couldn’t get in to the Lord Nelson, because it was full.

As you might expect, they have a nice selection of local food, and of course a selection of Adnams ales as well as an interesting range of non-alcoholic drinks…

There are various daily specials, as well as open sandwiches and jacket potatoes. We opted for one of the “brewer’s boards”, which are a form of ploughman’s. My choice was the smoked fish board, with generous portions of delicious smoked salmon and smoked mackerel, accompanied by capers and horseradish served with a house dressed salad and bloomer bread.  Very lovely indeed. Hazel & Matt opted for a large Suffolk ploughman’s, with local ham, Terrine, Suffolk gold cheese and Broadside chutney served with a house dressed salad and bloomer bread. This was also fantastic.

Mrs MOFAD opted for an open prawn sandwich, and in keeping with the theme, it was also very lovely.

After this, we went shopping. There are lots of food products, chutneys, sauces and the like. There is a lot of wine on offer. There are award winning gins and vodkas. There’s also a whisky, but this is not MOFAD approved. And of course, there are ales. Pretty much all available Adnams ales are here, many in varying sizes from cans to bottles, to mini-casks to polypins. There are also some guest beers, including Lagunitas and a few others as well as ciders from Aspall. As is only right and proper, we all went shopping, and came away with lots. You can see a selection here, mixed in with purchases from Billericay Brewery from earlier in the East Anglian Epic Adventure.


Needless to say, Adnams Cellar & Kitchen is most definitely MOFAD approved, and a MOFAD card was left.

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