The Crown, Westleton, Suffolk

Another day of the East Anglian Epic Adventure, and another trip to the pub. We had a few options to choose from, but weirdly for a Monday night, in the school summer holidays, one wasn’t open, and the other had temporarily lost their chef. This left us with The Crown, just a few miles down the road from our campsite. They had a few tables free, so we made ourselves comfortable, and waited for the drinks that we had ordered to arrive…

First up a pint of Oak, from Grain brewery, keeping it reasonably local, just over the border in Waveney Valley, Norfolk. A nice bitter to start things off. Another Aspall “cyder” for Mrs MOFAD.

When beside the seaside (or just a few miles away), you can’t beat a nice bit of fresh fish, and this was indeed the case. A really nice piece of skate, and when was the last time you saw skate anywhere? A very under-rated fish, very tasty, and served with prawn & shrimp sauce and some kale tucked underneath.

Another drink sir? Don’t mind if I do. A pint of Mid Summer Gold from Mauldons, just down the road in Sudbury, a nice pale golden session ale.

When the main course is so good, you have to have a look at the dessert menu. And if there’s Eton Mess on the menu, you certainly have to order it. Lovely summer fruits, and meringue, and cream, a perfect summer pud.

The Crown is certainly MOFAD approved!

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