The Kings Head, Yoxford, Suffolk

The East Anglian Epic Adventure continues. After a longer then necessary journey up the A12 today (an accident just outside of Chelmsford lead to a few delays) we arrived at our next campsite, the rather lovely Mill Hill Farm campsite in Darsham. A lovely sunny afternoon for camping, and after a nice shower (great facilities at the site) we headed out to Dunwich Forest for a little evening stroll in the evening sunshine, which was just perfect for a sunny August day.

After this, refreshment was required, and we had spotted just the place on the drive in, as we passed this pub on the A12. We popped in and grabbed a table, just in time, as lots of other groups turned up soon afterwards…

On the refreshment list tonight, a pint of Elderflower ale for me (good subtle elderflower flavours, floral in a good way), a Suffolk Cyder (their spelling) from Aspall’s for Mrs MOFAD (a classic cider) and tea (#obvs) for Hazel. Matt’s pint is not pictured.

Lots of nice dishes to choose from on the menu, but it was an easy choice for me, the baked chicken breast, which is “Hunter’s chicken” by any other name. An easy way to another triple pork nirvana. Chicken wrapped in parma ham, baked with barbeque sauce and cheese, served with chips and peas. Very tasty chicken, and good chips too. I question the need for separate dishes, but we are a long way from “We Want Plates” territory 🙂

There was also time for another pint, an excellent American Pale Ale, which lives up to all American Pale Ales by not being pale 🙂

Definitely MOFAD approved, I could have come back here every night, but so many other good pubs to explore in the area, which may have had some influence on our choice of area to camp 🙂

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