When catering goes wrong…

A lovely summer evening in Essex. Hundreds of people in a field. Hungry people. Waiting for dinners that they pre-ordered months ago. Identical dinners. What can go wrong?

Well, if one of your giant catering ovens breaks down, quite a lot. This is the brief tale of such an occurrence. We were at a massive camping event in the aforementioned field. On offer was that local classic, pie’n’mash. There are four constituent parts. Pie. Mash. Gravy. Peas. Easy stuff. However, if an oven breaks down, you can’t cook as many pies at a time as you would like. Queues start to build up. Tempers start to fray. People start to get shirty. It’s not needed, but people like to get on their high horse and complain to already stressed staff. Those stressed staff try to placate with offers of refreshment. Most people happily accept this.

Was it worth the wait? No. The pies were poor, the mash was poor, and the peas and gravy were approaching average. At least the free beer was tasty.

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