Pub of the month, July 2015 – The Blacksmith’s Arms, Loughborough

First up this month, one of the last places that we visited – Billericay Brewery & Micropub – a quirky little place that feels like someone’s front room, with lots of bottles available to buy and several beers ready to try on tap.

I bought one or two…


In second place, on the hottest day of the year, The Marquis Wellington. After spending all day interviewing, then spending time on a train with broken air conditioning, a nice dinner and a cool pint were required. A Brazillian ale no less – appropriate for a sweltering day. Accompanied by a nice burger, it’s always a shame that we don’t have more time to stop here as we are invariably off to the theatre.


To the winner, the rejuvenated Blacksmith’s Arms in Loughborough. Our third visit this year after we rediscovered it back in February. It was a bit of an unplanned night out, with MOFAD regulars Karon & John. A couple of nice ales and a burger topped with pulled pork and onion rings, proper home made chips and roasted cherry tomatoes. A great pub that is currently thriving.


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