Billericay Brewery & Micropub, Essex

We were camping just down the road at Barleylands for the weekend, and camping needs beer. Luckily, there is a brewery on hand to help, with a shop and “micropub” available to sell you some nectar. In this case the “micropub” has that “someone’s front room” feel about it. A few tables dotted about, a small bar, a couple of fridges, and several shelving units full of beer. And a friendly welcome too.

Sadly we didn’t have time to stop and sample a few pints, but instead we filled several boxes between us, with pretty much the full Billericay Brewery range, plus a few from neighbours Brentwood Brewery, some other London brews and a couple of Belgian fruity numbers. They have a very good selection indeed. This photo shows some of them, plus others from another shopping trip in Suffolk:-

Several beers needed to be sampled straight away, including the “Mild With No Name”:-

This only makes me think of this clip though:-

Another one to keep it local, this was a very nice golden ale:-

And then something from a little further afield, just your standard, every day, vegan lager 🙂

And this, which was definitely not an IPA (and also available in Waitrose next door):-

And a few from the Billericay crew, including this nice session ale:-

And this nice golden ale:-

The Billericay Brewery is definitely recommended if you’re in the area. And you can park in the Waitrose car park and do a bit of shopping at the same time if you need to 🙂

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