The Great Peak Weekender, Thornbridge Outdoors, Day 1

Day 1 of The Great Peak Weekender 2015. Last year this was a brilliant event. Free camping, good music, great food, lots of great beers from Thornbridge and other breweries and a great vibe to the whole thing. The first thing we said when we got home last year was “bet they will charge for camping in 2015”. And when the event was published back in January, that was the case. No problem though, because it was such a great event.

Upon arrival, the first alarm bell began to ring. “You’re in the same field as last year, but please park close to other units as we’re squeezing a lot more people in this year”. Ah. That’s just a little bit naughty. As it turned out, by the end of the evening, there were a lot of campervans and awnings all crammed in to a field that just had them dotted around the edge last year. And gone was the portaloo that was also on that field. There was no way that anyone was sticking to the “3 metres between tents rule” here.

Anyway, on with the beers… First up a pint of Wild Swan, a gentle session ale. What better way to start?

Next up, a Tart. Bit of cheap naming there really, but a super sour beer.

The next stop, Lord Marples, a classic caramel bitter.

Then it was time for a Brother Rabbit – a hoppy light ale – this is what an IPA should look like. Take note mass producers!

There must always be a break for food. Tonight it was time for a pizza from the Nether Edge pizza company, regular Thornbridge companions. It was getting quite busy, but they were coping well with demand – nice to see pizza being made and fired in front of your eyes – simple choices of toppings and great flavours

A good dessert pint next, in the form of “I Love U Will U Marry Me” – an absolute riot of strawberry flavours – very dangerous stuff.

The final Thornbridge beer was a Black Harry, full of fruity darkness, and celebrating cycling. That’s win all round.

The final beer for the day, Oude Gueuze Tilquin à l’Ancienne – supreme sourness, almost like champagne on the finish. Finish with a flourish! By this point in the evening, many of the non-Thornbridge beers had already run out, which was rather a shame as I’d been looking forward to a few of them.

Definitely a lot more people here than last year, some good music on the stage again, and overall a good first day.

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