Pub of the month – June 2015 – The George Inn, Chideock

We start with The Square Orange Cafe Bar. Does this count as a pub? I think it does. I will explain later.

The Square Orange is most unexpected. A little piece of Valencia in the heart of Keswick. Wooden panelling, terracotta paint, coffees, tapas – if you’ve ever visited a Spanish cafe then you know exactly what it will be like. And that goes for the menu too – lots of classic little tapas to pick and choose from, or a range of panini with a little salad on the side. And pizzas in the evening too.

Whilst not classically Spanish, I opted for the pulled pork panino:-

which was delicious. Proper pulled pork is a joy. A freshly prepared side salad too, with some nice olives. And this was accompanied by a lovely pint of Loweswater Gold:-

One of my favourite Lakes ales. Always a welcome sight at any bar. And there are also lots of interesting European beers available. If we visit of an evening I’ll certainly be taking myself on a tour of them. With all of these great beers on offer, it’s certainly more of a pub than some in the town. And if that’s not enough, look at this excellent Marvel wallpaper:-

A lovely little place, but we want plates!

In second place we have The Royal Oak, also in Keswick. Our evening started with a few drinks, a Catbells Pale Ale from Hesket Newmarket brewery, and a very good Strawberry lambicus from Timmermans

A couple of pub classics for our dinner, fish & chips (batter made with Wainwright ale), and a chargrilled chicken breast, with mushroom, plum tomato, onion rings, chips and some salad. Perfectly good pub grub.

As there was some handy wifi (and we had some walks to plan), we decided to hang around for a few more drinks. This was a Grasmere Gold from Tirril Brewery, a good golden ale.

When sticky toffee pudding is on the menu, it is rude not to.


A cracking pub in the centre of Keswick, well worth a visit.

For our winner this month, we have a long journey ahead. In celebration of regular MOFAD supplier and drinking companion Matt’s birthday, we were camping near Weymouth. It’s a long way when you live near to the point furthest from the sea.

From our camp site, we took a trip along the A35 to Chideock, upon the recommendation of the birthday boy, to the George Inn, a traditional Dorset thatched pub run by Steve and Emma who worked within Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage empire for five years. They try to keep everything fresh and local, which is pretty easy given where they are situated, so close to lots of great farms, local allotments, and of course the sea.

First up, a drink or two, and a few games of Uno for our party.

Following the local theme, a pint of bitter from Palmers of Bridport. It is described as an IPA, but has no IPA qualities. It’s a nice enough pint, with good malty notes but when I see the letters IPA, this is not what I am looking for.

For Mrs MOFAD, a Sheppy’s cider to begin, which is a classic English cider from Somerset.

After a good few rounds of Uno, which at some point got crossed with Baccarat and was played entirely in French, it was time for another drink before dinner arrived. Another Palmers for me, this time the 200, brewed to celebrate 200 years of brewing, and a good balance of sweet malt and a fruity bitterness.

And finally, to dinner. When beside the seaside, it has to be fish, a lovely piece of sea bass, great skin-on chips and nice big salad on the side. A delicious meal, and well worth the drive over from Weymouth (someone else did the driving, but it was worth it for them too). The silly tin bucket was soon disposed of 🙂

Well worth a visit if you find yourself along the Jurassic coast, and a worthy winner of pub of the month!

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