The Moon and Bell, Loughborough

Another comedy night out, this time a trip to Loughborough Town Hall, to see the brilliant Katherine Ryan. First, a quick food stop. We were a bit pressed for time tonight, so the safe bet is a Wetherspoon’s, and we now have two of those. The Moon and Bell is one, on the site of a former hardware store. The Wetherspoon’s chain are everywhere, and wherever you go, you know what you’re getting. Whether you’re in Hammersmith, Harlow or Hexham, you’ll find the same food menus and a great selection of real ales, bottled craft ales and some ciders, alongside the usual selection of fizzy watery stuff.

Refreshment for Mrs MOFAD was Abrahalls “Thundering Molly”, a good cider with a touch of sweetness:-

My choice was “Up T’Summit” from Brewsters Brewing Company, a nice golden ale, hoppy, floral and bitter:-

My food choice was the one I usually go for, the gourmet burger, with bacon, a cheese sauce, salad and onion rings:-

Always reliable, if you’re in a hurry or on a budget, your nearest Wetherspoon’s is a safe bet. Mrs MOFAD recommends the chickpea and spinach curry, which is usually her choice…

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