The Somers Town Coffee House, Kings Cross, London

Another classic London pub. Much like yesterday’s trip to The Alma, this was a convenient watering hole, after spending the day in the British Library. Again, like yesterday, wooden panelling, wooden floors and then some more wood give that classic feeling.

It is a pub, not a coffee house (a confusing name from history), but they do also serve coffee (looked good, but not sampled on this occasion). It’s about a quarter of the way up Chalton Street (heading NW from the Euston Road). Food is also on offer, but again, not sampled on this occasion.

When in London, why not start with a beer from Manchester? Two Hoots from Joseph Holt, first time not in a bottle, and all the better for not being stored in a clear glass bottle.

Keeping it more local (sort of) with a Young’s Blonde. Again, worth noting that Young’s is now part of Charles Wells who are from Bedford.

Just enough time for another before a short walk back to St Pancras to catch a train and then be home in just 80 minutes. The Somers is well worth checking out if you have a bit of time before a train from Euston, St Pancras or King’s Cross.