The Alma, Wandsworth Town, London

The Alma is certainly what I would call a classic London pub. Wooden floors, lots of wooden panelling, a bright and airy dining room at the back and a tiled finish on the outside.

It’s perfectly located directly opposite Wandsworth Town station (regular services to & from Vauxhall and Waterloo) and just a couple of minutes walk from the Express by Holiday Inn just on the other side of that same station (although The Alma has its own rooms too).

And a few local ales available too, which is why I stepped through the door. Well, technically local, since Young’s (the pub owner) is now part of Charles Wells who are from Bedford. First up was a Young’s Special, a very easy drinking and malty ale.

Next up a pint of Lazarus from Truman’s Brewery, an ancient London name that dates back to the time of the Great Fire of London. It disappeared in 1989, and then rose from the ashes in 2010, with a new brewery opening in Hackney Wick in 2013. This is good news for me, since I might be spending a few days in the area later on this year. Even better news is that this was a great pale ale with a hint of hoppiness. Paler than the photo suggests, this is what an IPA should look like. It’s not one, but it has the look.

To finish off, something even more local, a Wandle from Sambrook’s Brewery, just a short stroll along the south bank to Battersea away. An award winning ale apparently, but not tonight, as it was just rather average.

The Alma is a cracking London pub. I’d already eaten tonight, but the food does look good, so I hope to try some if I’m back in the area in the future.

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