The Royal Standard, Upwey

It’s a long way to go in order to get to the seaside. We live just a few miles from the “point furthest from the sea”, so it is a trek to get to the coast. North Norfolk is generally our coast of choice, but this weekend it was Matt’s birthday, and the venue was Weymouth.

After a longer than necessary journey (cursed by the M5 as usual being a nightmare), we arrived at the fantastic Higher Moor farm campsite, to be greeted by a very friendly welcome from the lovely people there. We quickly pitched, and settled down with a quick drink and some chat. And a trip to their award winning toilets 🙂

Soon, it was time for some dinner, and we headed up the road to The Royal Standard. Which just happens to be West Dorset’s only microbrewery pub. Another coincidence or just great planning? You might have worked out by now, planning is the key to great trips with good food and drink in the mix 🙂

First up tonight, a Stargazer from Yeovil Ales, a nice bitter to start off the evening. At this point, we broke out the Uno for a spot of gaming whilst waiting for dinner to arrive.

For Mrs MOFAD, a Sheppy’s Cider, from Sheppy’s Cider…

Moving on, a pint of “The Usual” by Milk Street Brewery (Uno continuing in the background), which went very well with…

…a lamb shank. This is a pub classic, and is something I will often go for if it is on. It is hard to mess it up, and if it’s cooked just right, then it’s very good. This one was indeed good, braised in a red wine and garlic jus.

Mrs MOFAD opted for the pie of the day. Pie is a controversial thing. Is the item pictured a pie?

I would say not. That is a casserole, with a pastry top. A pie should be totally encased by pastry, it’s not just some stuff with a lid on top. However, despite this controversy, it was very tasty, and The Royal Standard is MOFAD approved.

Gloucester Services (Southbound) (again)

A week is a long time in politics. It’s also a long time in service station visits.

Another Friday off work, another camping trip, another visit to that lovely M5. Just like last week, there was an oasis in this desert of tedium that we call the M5. A second visit to Gloucester Services.

In case you missed it last week, Gloucester Services are owned by the Westmorland Family group, who also own Tebay Services/Westmorland Farm Shops, near junction 38 of the M6.

Gloucester is a modern day carbon copy of Tebay. The grass on the verges still hasn’t grown yet (it’s a lot to expect in just a week).

Once again we stocked up on tasty provisions, to be consumed later in our journey, as well as some nice coffee to consume in the meantime. There was something immensely satisfying about buying really nice sandwiches and crisps and drinks and salad and what not, and then stopping at another service station later on to eat all of that nice stuff, before the final leg of the journey.

Weymouth is a long way from Leicestershire. At least there’s somewhere pleasant to stop along the way.