Marshfield Farm ice cream parlour

“Ice to see you.” For many years several of us laboured under the misapprehension that this phrase was uttered by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character Mr Freeze in the utterly atrocious “Batman & Robin”. Whereas it was in fact an utterance of McBain in the Simpsons episode “Last Exit to Springfield”.

Anyway, back to the point of this post, and that’s to talk about Marshfield Farm ice cream parlour. We were camping just over the border, and had passed this place on the way down yesterday. As today’s weather had not been up to much we decided to abandon the rest of our walk in favour of going for some ice cream instead. A plan that can’t really be argued with.

They are open every Saturday and Sunday from Easter until the end of September. As they say on their web site, don’t expect a glitzy American style ice cream parlour, this is very much a rustic barn on a working farm. But it’s all about the content instead of the presentation, and there are around 30 flavours to choose from, my choice was Chocoholic Heaven and Blackcurrants in Clotted Cream, both very nice flavours on their own, but they work very well together.

If you do happen to be passing through on the A46, not far from junction 18 of the M4, then I’d recommend stopping off for an ice cream. Or two. And if you take your cool box or similar you can buy some to take home too. MOFAD approved!


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