LB’s Pizza House, Keswick

Pizza. A favourite food of mine. There are quite a lot of favourites, admittedly, but pizza is right up there in the top 10. Done right, it can be fantastic. Done wrong, like we once had in Leicester Square, it can be abysmal.

Tonight was our final night in Keswick, and we hadn’t really planned anywhere to eat, so had a little wander to find somewhere for pizza. We settled on LB’s which is tucked away just off the market square. It used to be called The Loose Box Pizzeria.

A few drinks to start of with, Jennings Bitter, bottled, and a gin & rose lemonade for Mrs MOFAD.

As it was our last night, and we’d got a good few walks in, we decided to treat ourselves to a starter, salt & pepper squid, battered and deep fried, served with a garlic & lemon mayo dip and a nice bit of lime. This was very tasty and a nice little starter…

And now, the main event. Pizza. And whilst pulled pork pizza was on the menu (it’s appeared everywhere), once this other item was spotted, there was no contest. Hoisin shredded duck, with spring onion.

I first had this back in about 2004, in a little place in Cambridge. It’s kind of a fusion food, as a Chinese style duck topping is not your usual Italian menu idea. This one needed a bit more hoisin to be perfect, but it was very tasty indeed. Mrs MOFAD had a Romana with extra chicken.

I do like a salad with my pizza, so we opted for a small feta salad (Mrs MOFAD loves feta, whereas I prefer the olives).

To round off the night, we popped back into The Royal Oak for a final Cumbrian pint…

LB’s is most definitely MOFAD approved.


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