Blenheim Palace food fair, errr, Blenheim Palace

We were camping nearby and were looking for an activity for a showery Sunday afternoon. We had a good long walk yesterday, so something a little more gentle was called for. We discovered that Blenheim Palace had a food fair on, and it was just down the road. The food fair was free entry, but you still had to pay for entry into the grounds, which is a rather steep £13 per adult. This would be better value if you had all day to explore the grounds, but we were only going to be around for a few hours.

After parking up, we wandered over to the gift shop first to have a little look around, and then trundled off towards the food fair. There were a good range of stalls, from hot food sellers, to beer, cheese, sausages, cider, sweets and chutneys.

First up was some lunch, and it had to be proper pulled pork:-

Pubs, take note – this is what proper pulled pork should look like. After that we carried on wandering around the stalls and picking up a few bits and pieces. The highlight for me was some beer from Two Cocks brewery – very distinctive bottles with a feather in each label, and very nice beers too:-


We finished our wanderings and then went back into the village for a cream tea. The food fair was ok, but it was definitely not worth the rather steep entrance fee unless you are spending the rest of the day in the grounds. The cream tea in the village was nice though!

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