The Red Lion, Little Compton

Any mayonnaise for yourselves at all today?

A lovely long walk today, in the Bank Holiday sunshine. This well planned walk took in yet another Cotswolds Red Lion pub (allegedly the most popular pub name in Britain). We were around halfway round our walk today, and had planned to take this pub in for lunch. It has a lovely big beer garden, but you will need to duck your head when you go inside, as there are lots of low beams. Very nice to enjoy a pint of Donnington Gold in the sunshine.

And with triple pork nirvana at stake, it had to be the sausage baguette. That portion of chips was a little stingy, as was the salad, but the sausage was very tasty, a perfect walking lunch.

However, the real highlight of our visit was the waitress. Have you ever seen this character from The Catherine Tate Show?

Well, today she was in action at the Red Lion. We were falling about with laughter. For this, and the beer, and the tasty sausage, The Red Lion earns MOFAD approval.

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