The Soldier Dick, Furness Vale (3/4)

Just a few hours later, and we find ourselves back in this lovely little pub. Whilst here for lunch, we booked ourselves a table, and we were glad that we did as it had got that bit busier compared to last night. I’d already worked out at lunchtime what I’d be having tonight, so it didn’t take long to order and settle in with a pint. First up tonight, a pint of Thwaites Wainwright, something I’ve had a few times in bottles, but never from the pump. It’s a classic golden ale, very easy drinking. Mrs MOFAD opted for a Weston’s Old Rosie, which brought back many memories of drinking in the Swan in the Rushes in my pre-ale days…

As I say, my choice had already been made earlier, chicken breast stuffed with brie and wrapped in bacon. With new potatoes and a rosemary infused gravy, served with seasonal veg. It was another nice plate of food, and a very good combination of flavours.

No need for any pudding tonight, so it was time for another pint of Sharp’s Atlantic, and then a good few games of cards…


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