Ales by Mail

There are lots of statistics bandied around about how many people you tell about a good customer service experience, and how many you tell about a bad one. The numbers vary, but it’s something between twice as many or ten times as many people that you tell about a bad experience.

Today, I want to tell you about a good experience with Ales by Mail. I wonder if you can guess the nature of their business from their name? They state on their web site:-

“Our elves work really hard to ship all orders (that arrive before noon) on the same day they are placed (thereby providing you with next day delivery), but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this.”

Of all the suppliers that I had been looking at for my next beer order, Ales By Mail would appear to have the most chance of getting something to you the next day, so on Thursday morning, I popped my order off. However, by Thursday night there was no shipping confirmation. However, after a quick twitter chat with the elves they managed to find some other elves who could get the order shipped on Friday to arrive on Saturday. This was perfect, since I would have been unable to receive the delivery on another day.

And at 8:40am this morning, just as predicted by the e-mail sent by the courier an hour before, 2 boxes of beery loveliness arrived. An excellent choice of beers, delivered by an excellent choice of courier.

Absolutely top notch customer service, from very friendly people. The type of thing that will mean that I will be going straight back to them for my next order (might have to leave it for a little while), and you should check them out too. Ales by Mail are certainly 100% MOFAD approved!

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