The Marquis Wellington, Leicester, April 2015

The Marquis Wellington is the favourite pre-show haunt of Mrs MOFAD and I. It is perfectly situated just around the corner from De Montfort Hall, where we spend a lot of time going to comedy shows (usually the bigger tour shows). I’ve lost count of the number of times that we’ve been here over the years, but thanks to the handy Untappd app, I can tell you that this is our 5th visit since February 2014. Mrs MOFAD also came last month with a friend, as I was unable to attend a show.

First and foremost, it is a chain pub, owned by Everards (a local brewery), but it does not really have that chain feel about it. Apart from the usual three or four Everards ales on tap, you don’t really notice it. As well as those, there are usually another three or four guest ales available, as well as a good few bottles of craft ale in the fridges. Tonight it was a pint of Out of the Dark for me, and a Liefmans Fruitesse for Mrs MOFAD.

The menu has some good choices too, and they have different “nights” during the week, including a fish’n’chip night and a burger night. Wednesday just happens to be pie and pint night, although invariably the pints will not be the ones that you want to drink 🙂 As well as the regular pies on the menu, they have some additional pies. As soon as we spotted what was on tonight, there was no contest. It had to be the chicken and pulled pork pie. We have had this before. We have liked it before. We had it again. We liked it again.

It is very densely packed with meat, accompanied by seasoned chips and some peas. There’s a nice little bit of sauce in there too. Whilst there is something of a pulled pork bandwagon right now (this will be covered in a separate post at some point, and Dara O’Briain, who we went to see afterwards also remarked on this during his show), it works really well in this pie. Although it appears to be more of a pulled ham (which is pork of course) but that’s just splitting hairs really. A very nice meal.

The Marquis is definitely MOFAD approved, and a MOFAD card was left 🙂 Will be back again in a couple of months.

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