The Peak Hotel, Castleton

Another day, another pub quiz 🙂

Oh, and some great food and drink as well, so let’s deal with that first, and then get on to the pub quiz. On our earlier visit to Castleton, we stopped in to book a table for tonight, armed with the knowledge that there would be a pub quiz on, and that this would probably be a pretty good pub given that it’s owned by Rick who owns the Old Hall Hotel in Hope (venue of most of the blog entries from recent days). To kick things off, a pint of Black Sheep, in a proper pint pot. This is a classic Yorkshire bitter, with malty and caramel notes. Again, this is one that just has a little bit extra when it comes from a pump.


To eat, a very nice highland chicken (which had run out at The Old Hall earlier in the week), chicken breast stuffed with haggis, wrapped in bacon and served with a whisky sauce. Lots of my favourite ingredients all bundled on to a plate with some nice roast spud and veg.


This was accompanied by another pint of that rather good Abbeydale Moonshine:-


A good match for that whisky sauce. Full of food, it was time for another pub quiz. And again, during the quiz, free sandwiches, but tonight it was chip butties – irresistible. Another pint was needed to lubricate the brain, and it was back to the Farmer’s Blonde again:-


The quiz had some fiendish questions and a few rather obvious ones (in our humble opinions at least). With some pretty obscure answers plucked from dark recesses of our brains (like why Cardiff City are the only Welsh team to have triangular corner flags), we were reasonably confident. But then we were confident on the previous 2 nights.

Tonight was the night! It was victory for “My Pointless Friend Richard”, who walked away with 20 of your English pounds and four big smiles! A great last night of a week away in the Peaks. The Peak Hotel is 100% MOFAD approved, and that’s got nothing to do with winning the quiz 🙂

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