The George, Castleton

Another sunny day, another sunny walk. After yesterday’s exertions across the Kinder plateau, something a little less strenuous was required. Hope to Castleton and back was just the ticket. Many places to choose for lunch, and our circular route brought us alongside The George. On a warm April day, it was the ideal time to sit outside for some food and drink.

The George is a Charles Wells pub, so there was a good selection of their ales at the bar. I started out with a London Gold, which was better from the pump than the last time I had it in a bottle. A great ale on a sunny day:-


A nice little selection of baguettes for lunch, I opted for the philly steak baguette. This is something that does cause a bit of debate, but my understanding is that it should be roast beef, onions and cheese, with optional peppers. This wasn’t a bad effort, but no cheese and too many peppers would rule it out of instant MOFAD approval…


To accompany the sunshine (and the noisy birds in the trees opposite), it felt appropriate to have a Young’s bitter to round things off nicely:-


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