Hope Valley Beer and Cider Festival, Day 4

Easter Monday traditionally sees a visit to the pub for lunch. This is a tradition in Mrs MOFAD’s family, and is something we have done for many years. It is often followed by some form of sporting activity, usually a game of rounders or cricket. Weather permitting. I say weather permitting, but we have been known to play on a snowy pitch before now.

This years gathering just happened to be taking place at the Old Hall Hotel in Hope. Venue for the Hope Valley Beer and Cider festival that has been mentioned over the last few days. Pure coincidence surely? Or all part of the caring, sharing MOFAD plan to allow others to sample local ales? MOFAD is all about the sharing 🙂

To start proceedings, a nice home made pate with a very good flavoured chutney. Sadly this disappeared too quickly to be captured for posterity. The accompanying pint of Doctor Morton’s Rabbit Punch, from Abbeydale Brewery, was captured:-


On to the main course, an excellent spin on fish and chips, with a nice piece of cod and some sweet potato chips. A nice light lunch for an afternoon of sporting activity, and good flavours.


This was accompanied by another excellent Abbeydale offering, Genesis, another excellent hoppy golden ale. Abbeydale just don’t make a bad beer. It’s as simple as that.

And then on to some pudding. As you may have already worked out, The MOFAD approves of chocolate based puddings above all, and this triple chocolate mousse:-


was definitely MOFAD approved! Again, a nice light course before any sporting activity. This was accompanied by a Small & Mighty from Happy Valley brewery, which turned out to be not as mighty as the previous Abbeydale offerings.

After 4 visits to to festival, I declare it to be 100% MOFAD approved – looking forward to visiting a future festival.

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